Oversized Self-Portrait

Sorrell Kerrison - Sketch layer - Self Portrait
The 3 toned sketch layer on calico fabric of my self-portrait is sewn to framing bars and ready to be stretched into place in order to embroider it.

Here are the beginnings of my first Self-Portrait embroidery textile piece.

I have drawn myself before, but I have never depicted myself using textiles as a medium. I feel that the laborious, detailed process of creating one of my pieces will take up new meaning as I shall be creating a giant rendering of my own visage.

I spend maybe 30 minutes a day looking in the mirror between brushing my teeth and getting ready in the morning and the same in reverse at night. However, sitting and looking at ones own still image for around 500 hours will be a really interesting process. I can be objective when I am working on other people’s faces, yet when it comes to your own it’s hard to quash certain feelings in favour of the creative processes. Due to this straddle I shall be not only documenting the piece as it develops visually, but also documenting how I feel about the process, journalling my own thoughts and any revelations that may appear whilst working on my most intimate piece to date.