David Lynch in the Red Room

Lynch JPEG crop

David Lynch in the Red Room (2017)

Hand stitched on calico using DMC embroidery threads

Stretched over a box frame: 12″ x 10″

I am forever inspired by David Lynch’s artistic and philosophical output. I felt it fitting to create a portrait of him in the infamous Red Room from his TV series ‘Twin Peaks’.

Regular meditation has enhanced my life and my ability to harness new artistic ideas. David Lynch’s advocation of the Transcendental Meditation movement and his book “Catching the Big Fish” was helpful when I was dipping my toe into the waters of meditating.

The TV series Twin Peaks is something which I get repeated joy from. It is a treasure chest which constantly provides new gifts on every re-watch. If you haven’t delved into it’s world yet, I highly recommend it. If you already have, then you know what I’m on about.