William Midgley


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William Waller Midgley

Hand stitched onto stretch calico using DMC thread (Jan 2018)

Commissioned by Bolton Museum for their new Egyptology wing

(private unveiling 21st September 2018)

Public viewing as part of Bolton’s Egypt collection from 22nd Sept 2018

William Waller Midgley was the first professional curator at Bolton Museum.

Although the museum (which was founded by Dr Chadwick, see other portrait) was original established as a natural history museum, Midgley expanded the collection due to a flurry of Egyptian artefacts and textiles. These avenue of collecting became an integral foundation to the exquisite Bolton’s Egypt collection which the museum now houses.

Midgley Senior was active within many realms of the museum and community, expanding his role to curating art and instruments for meteorological study.

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